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Hubi Power Station

Off grid power

When your energy demands are greater than lighting and charging mobile devices, the Hubi Power Station is an easy to install, plug and play solar energy system. Ideal for home offices and large summer houses.

Transportable solar power system shows the way

Electrical independence is now a reality thanks to the all-new Hubi Power Station. This mobile energy system is the ideal means to provide power in a whole range of applications such as garden offices and hobby rooms, remote cottages and glamping chalets, site offices, field HQs, workshops, large stable blocks and agricultural buildings.

For some of our customers, the Hubi Power Station represents power resilience in the event of a grid black out. For others, the Power Station is a way to reduce their carbon footprint – even by a little.

This simple to install, plug and play system uses power from the sun and daylight to energise its hub giving you all the power you need to run 12v lighting, 5v USB charging and all 230AC appliances up to 300w.

Simply put, the solar panel – supplied on a sturdy frame that can either be pegged to soft ground or roof mounted, charges the hub internal battery by day time, and the hub via its intelligent control system delivers the energy you need direct from its power sockets.

The Hubi Power Station requires no electrical skills and comes fully assembled. Just move the  solar panel in the best position and you are ready to  enjoy the benefits of sustainable, renewable power.

Just plug and play!

Three 12v lighting sockets 
Use for 12v LED lighting (a whole range is available from our shop here)

Two USB ports
Use for mobile device charging

Use the three pin mains socket for:

Sat boxes
Game stations
Sewing machines
And any device with a power demand less than 300w.

The Hubi Power station is not designed to power high energy consuming appliances such as heaters, refrigerators, microwave ovens, kettles etc

Easy to install solar energy system

The Hubi Solar Power Station comes in three models designed to deliver 250, 500 or 750 watts of power over a 24 hour period so you can choose the best solution to suit your off-grid energy needs. It will arrive fully assembled and ready to go.

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Choose from three Hubi Power Station models

Hubi Power Station 250

This system will deliver 250wh per day. This means the total power available during any 24hr period will typically be 250wh (although it will be more in the summer months). The solar panel will take as little as five hours to charge a flat battery to full. Choose the 250 model if you are looking for small amounts of power mainly for lighting and limited AC use, such as TV or lap tops

Hubi Power Station 500

500wh per day is available from this system. The larger solar panel supplied with the 500 system still only needs five hours to fully charge its internal battery. Select the 500 model for multiple device power such as a home office where you might be running a lap top, wifi, router, printer, radio etc all at the same time.

Hubi Power Station 750

750wh is what this system delivers which is enough power for a multi room building. This might be a remote woodland cottage or a construction site office with multiple users. The supersize solar panel supplied with this kit once again ensure the battery is fully charged in as little as five hours.
reliable off grid light and power wherever you need it

Hubi Power Station is perfect for:

Garden offices

Sheds & outbuildings

Emergency power back up