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Lifos 12

Reliable power for high cycling applications

The Lifos 12 is ideal for mobility scooters and golf carts. It is also perfect for alarm systems and other application that require a high cycling battery. Compared to a lead acid battery, using Lifos reduces the number of service visits required as the lithium battery won't need to be changed as often.

Years of trouble free performance

Lifos 12 provides a super long 2000 operating cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DOD) rising to an impressive 3000 cycles if discharged to 50% (that's more than eight years)!

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Outstanding performance in a compact package

At 70% DOD, the Lifos 12 provides a usable power of 8.4Ah, the same as a 17Ah lead acid battery but in a compact size, around one and half times smaller.


Weight too is much reduced. Lifos 12 is 1.5kgs compared to 5kgs for a lead acid equivalent.

Energy boost

Two Lifos 12 batteries can be connected together in series or parallel to deliver extra power.

Lifos 12 comes with a two year warranty.

NOTE - Lifos 12 does not have the app function.

long lasting powerful lithium batteries

Lifos 12 is perfect for:

Mobility scooters

Alarm systems

Golf buggies