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Lifos Go 200

Long-lasting reliable power

Introduced in 2021, the Lifos Go has already proven itself in many challenging applications from powering large electric propulsion systems to delivering reliable and long lasting power in remote camper van expeditions.

The ultimate mobile off-grid power source

The largest battery in the Lifos Go range, the Lifos 200 is the perfect travelling companion wherever your adventures take you.

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Lifos 200 delivers an outstanding amount of usable power

The Lifos Go 200 delivers a whopping 2304 watt hours of usable power thanks to its advanced battery management system and high quality of the internal lithium cells which allow the battery to be discharged to 90% of its gross capacity without damage.


It would require a lead acid battery of 360Ah to equal the power of the Lifos Go 200 with a weight of more than 100kg compared with the lithium battery weighing in at just 24.5kg.

Smart connections

Like the rest of the Lifos Go smart range, the 200 can be connected in series (x4) and parallel (x4) if required and also comes with out Lifos app as standard.

Sound investment

Supplied with an industry leading 5-year warranty and a 10 year plus life cycle, the Lifos Go 200 is a sound long term investment where maximum power is needed. 

Connect to the Lifos app

Use the app on your smartphone to monitor the Lifos Go 200 battery - instantly see the current, voltage, power and state of charge

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Long lasting powerful lithium batteries

Lifos Go 200 is perfect for:


Motorhomes & Campervans

Road signs

Boats & yachts


Off-grid facilities & equipment