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Mono high density solar panels

When only the best will do!

The ground breaking solar cell technology used in these Mono High Density (MHD) solar panels replaces the conventional silver electrical ribbon seen on the surface of most solar panels with a passive rear solar cell contact. This means more power in a smaller space.

Bespoke brackets deliver the smartest of finishes

The sleek black finish is super smart

Industry-leading 20 year cell output and 10 year panel build warranties

Barcode for complete traceability

20% smaller and lighter weight than equivalent solar panels

PV Logic Mono High Density Solar Panels

When your want optimum solar performance with dazzling good looks, PV Logic MHD is the solution. That's thanks to the cell type which is is a uniform black colour. Combine this with the all black frame and aero brackets, and you get the the most stunning appearance.

Next generation solar panels

PV Logic MHD Panels are nearly 20% smaller and lower in weight than a conventional solar panel of the same power output. They are also housed in a lower profile frame and, when used with our custom made MHD aero fitting brackets, the entire assembly has a combined depth of just 40mm so they hug the roof line much more closely than a normal solar panel.

The MHD technology also delivers reduced shading losses and hotspots.

 Higher performing solar cell and industry leading warranties

 The PV Logic MHD panels are manufactured and quality controlled using the same industry leading methods as the rest of the PV Logic range and are covered by our outstanding 20 year cell output warranty and 10 year panel build warranty.


Mono High Density solar panels are perfect for:

Motorhomes & campervans

Boats & yachts