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Working sensitively with churches and historic buildings

Typically, being Grade 1 or 2 listed churches and other historic buildings, present a number of challenges where electricity saving measures, such a solar PV, are specified.

The challenges of older buildings

When working with churches and historic buildings, we often find that the roof covering (lead, clay tile, old slate) is often in a very poor state and using conventional solar panel roof fixing methods could cause significant amounts of damage.

Trusted expertise

We have significant experience in dealing with such delicate structures and work closely with building management and architects to provide either an invisible (from ground height) or if visible an aesthetically pleasing solar array using the latest in roof or solar tile technology.

CASE STUDY - St Mark's Church, Exeter

The Diocese of Exeter (DoE) was very keen to reduce its carbon footprint as well as save money from their electricity bills. As part of a large programme of installing solar PV on vicarages, village halls and schools (all owned by the DoE), our PVE team was also tasked with fitting solar panels to St Mark's church.

The best identified location for the solar panels was invisible from the ground but the roof was led with rolled seems.

This extremely fragile material would not withstand the pressure or typical clamp fixings so PVE designed a “floating” structure custom made form stainless steel that ensured the solar panel never came into contact with the roof.

Saving thousands in electricity bills

The installation was a great success and saves more than £2500 of electricity costs per year. It is used as a flag ship case study by the Church of England exemplifying how churches can go green without any downsides.

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