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Drive down energy costs

Solar makes business sense

Whether you own and occupy a commercial building, or you are a landlord or long-term tenant, Solar PV will payback its investment very quickly (typically seven years), provide significant reductions on electricity costs, reduce your Co2 emissions and add to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials.

Generating green energy over the long term

With minimal operating and maintenance costs and no negative impact on the buildings visual or structural integrity, a Solar PV system will provide 35 years of useful service life* and add to the asset value of the building.

Owner Occupiers

A PV system will be designed according to the available roof space and daytime power demands, ensuring at least 85% of your solar electricity is consumed on site, providing a compelling reason to invest.

Whether you prefer to self-fund the capital cost or use our innovative and low-cost Solar Leasing facility, you will find the cost of ownership very low when compared to the benefits.


Fitting Solar PV to your commercial assets provides an additional revenue opportunity. Through our well proven PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), you will sell your tenant the solar electricity they have consumed. Using Smart Metering, the consumed solar electricity is recorded transparently and by selling it at a lower price than they currently purchase grid electricity at, it provides your tenants with a tangible incentive to remain in the building come lease renewal time.

Your sell price of the solar electricity is structured to provide you with a very swift return on investment and should a property become vacant you have an added value to offer prospective tenants of reduced electricity costs. We can also assist with wording to amend an FRI lease.

On top of this, you are reducing Co2 emissions of the building, improving your CSR and by reflection, that of your tenants too.


The purchase of a Solar PV system will typically be a seven-year pay back and, as such, it may not be viable for a tenant make that investment. However, discuss the benefits and opportunity with your landlord. We can design, supply and install a Solar PV system and the cost can be spread over a number of years through our Solar Lease program (with full ownership transferring to the Landlord at the end of the term) and you, the tenant, can expect lower electricity prices and a large percentage of your consumption being provided by clean green energy.

*Life cycle of solar panels 35 years, lifecycle of inverters 13 years – all other materials are lifetime

Do take a look at these examples of our work for commercial clients

Generating power for the church and historic buildings

Typically, being Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed, churches and other historic buildings present a number of challenges when installing solar PV. Our PVE team has a lot of experience dealing with delicate structures to ensure the energy requirements are delivered in a way that respects the age of the building.

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