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No. 1 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester

We used the available roof space to install a 50kw solar system . By accurately predicting the solar generation we made a very strong business case to the client which meant the landlord could sell the solar electricity at a lower price per unit to the tenant than they were currently paying – a real win win!

In designing the system,  we overcame the challenging access issue of getting the equipment to the roof and installed the entire system within one week. Its innovative metering system allowed for transparent recording of used solar electricity to the satisfaction of all parties so that the PPA could be easily structured around this data.

The solar system is achieving its predicted performance and is well on its way to covering its cost in less than 10 years. After then it will deliver annual electricity savings of more than £5,000 not to mention reducing the buildings Co2 by more than 22 tonnes per year.

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