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Future proof your energy investment with battery storage

Connecting the latest lithium battery packs to a new or existing solar system can prove to be a very sound investment. The benefit of having battery storage is three-fold:

1. Excess electricity from the solar panels is stored in the batteries for later use, rather than going to the grid where you have no benefit.
2. The batteries can be programmed to allow electricity from the grid to be collected and stored at off peak times (typically after mid night) and held until needed in the morning when the demand and grid electricity prices are higher.
3. In the event of a power cut there will be power to a limited part of the ring main in your home, so you are not completely left in the dark

Against these positives it must be remembered that if there is limited excess solar electricity generated and exported to grid from your solar panels then the benefit of battery storage will be much reduced. Also, a battery system is not a renewable energy source so there is no environmental benefit from using it.

Being ready for rising electricity costs

 However, as electricity prices increase, time of day billing becomes more widespread and the cost of batteries continues to fall, battery storage will surely become a great way to save money in the near future.

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