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Raising the roof with solar tiles

As the name suggests, these are actual tiles with solar cells built into them. Without doubt the most discrete solar panel system in the world and perfect if your property is listed, in a conservation zone or you just don’t like the visual aspect of “on” and “in” roof solar panels.

Like “in roof” solar, the solar tiles tend to be specified during the build of a new or renovation of an existing property. As the cost of solar tiles is by far the highest of all three options, the reduction in use of traditional non-solar tiles will provide valuable savings to help off set the premium of solar tiles.

The tiles are laid like any other tile, but an electrical interconnection is made to each tile and each row of tiles is tested prior to moving onto the next row. Once the solar tiles are fitted, matching non-solar tiles can be fitted around the solar tiles to complete the roof.

Available in a number of different tile types and colours ensures the solar tiles blend into the roof and in most cases only you will know they are solar!!

The solar panels are then connected to an inverter (converts DC electricity form the solar panels to AC)) and from there a single AC cable runs to your fuse box / consumer unit via a isolator switches and a generation meter.

The advantages of solar tiles

Solar tiles provide the following advantages:

1. Very discrete – visually the best of all solar options
2. Reduces the cost non-solar tile
3. Provides the same weather resistance as a non-solar tile
4. The completed system will be electric vehicle ready, if requested

Typical costs for a 2.7kw Solar Tile system including design, materials, installation, scaffolding, commissioning and certification is £5500 inc 5% VAT.

Adding value to your solar system

As well-respected manufacturers of off grid solar equipment, we have direct connections with most of the worlds leading manufacturers of on grid solar panels, inverters, optimisers, roof furniture and battery storage equipment.

Whether your roof is multi-faceted with shading problems needing a fully optimised solar system (Solar Edge) or limited roof space requires the highest efficiency solar panels to get the maximum power per square meter (SunPower), we have the stock and know how to give you the very best value for money.

In all cases we listen to our customers and are happy to supply and fit any manufactures equipment you may request or if you simply need the best available materials for the lowest cost, then you can rely on us to deliver.

Battery storage

In some circumstances battery storage will provide additional benefits to a solar tile system. Click here to find out more

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