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Care and maintenance

Checking the performance of your solar system

A solar PV system is generally very reliable, but it pays to have your system (whether installed by us, or not) checked once every three years for signs of deterioration.

Maintaining energy output

Although a solar PV system is generally very reliable, can you be certain you are getting the maximum earnings and savings from your solar investment? For example, if one of the solar electrical strings has failed, the system will still work but its performance could be reduced by as much as 50%. Very often faults that do occur are quick to diagnose and cost very little to rectify yet could save you thousands of pounds in lost Feed in Tariff payments and electricity bill reductions. The PVE Solar Breakdown service is here to help.

The PVE Service Visit - from £199 inc VAT
We advise a service visit is booked once every two or three years to ensure your solar PV system is operating at its maximum efficiency. The service visit covers the following:
1. An inspection of all original paperwork supplied with your system to understand the materials used and the system design.
2. A visual inspection made of all the key components.
3. A record taken of all meter serial numbers.
4. A check to ensure all equipment is secure and well ventilated (where access allows).
5. A theoretical solar generation figure will be calculated, and this will be compared with the actual generation to determine if there is or has been problems.
6. A full electrical test on all components will be made using solar testing equipment and all measurements recorded for future reference.
7. A detailed report will be produced that confirms all the test results along with how well your system has performed.
8. If there are any steps that should be taken we will provide our recommendations.

The PVE Call Out – from £99 inc VAT (depending on location)
You can use PVE on an ad hoc basis – we are here if you need us! We all know that if your solar system breaks down in the height of summer this can cost you a lot of money in a short space of time in lost Feed in Tariff revenues so it’s vital that you can rely on a company that can be with you quickly and one that carries a comprehensive range of competitively priced parts in stock so that any problem can be rectified quickly and for the lowest cost. In many cases we will be able to diagnose the cause of the problem over the phone so we should be able to give you a fixed cost before we visit.

To talk through your servicing or maintenance needs, please contact us on 01684 774000 or email