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Arena Light FAQ

My lights been working find but now it just will not come on?

There is a good chance the battery is dead and needs recharging. Please ensure the solar panel is not in the shade and clean. Switch the light off for three days. You may need to repeat the set-up process. The best way to do this is to remove it from the pole and place the light into a dark area, putting the light into a black bag works well to exclude the light from the solar panel, remove the light, hold level exposed to daylight. The light should activate on a dim mode for 30 seconds. Re-position on the pole keeping the light as level as possible (As not to activate hibernation switch) the light can be placed lower on the pole and then slide up into position.

My remote isn’t working?

First thing to check is the batteries. The remote uses 2 x AAA batteries please test or replace them. If your remote still isn’t working, it could be that the light you are trying to control is the one with the flat battery please try recharging it as above. A trick to check if your remotes working is to set the camera on your phone to video and video the LED sender part of the remote while pressing one of the buttons on the remote. You should be able to see the LED flashing on your phones screen

I have two types of remote but only one works on some light and the other on other lights why?

We have over the last 3 years had a revision of remote controls they are not interchangeable. But they will control other lights with the same remote

Whats the best hight to mount the lights

We recommend around 4 to 5m from the ground

Do I need planning permission for this light system?

You shouldn’t need planning permission for the Arena light as its considered a portable / temporary light. How ever if you are unsure please contact your local planning department with the above light array information in the downloads area

Whats the best poles to mount the lights on to?

We recommend a standard scaffolding pole that can be picked up cheaply and will last for years

The lights coming on Dim and goes out after 20 mins, Why?

This normally happens if you have let the internal battery run flat. The suns energy from that days charging it only just enough to light up in the PIR mode. If you can turn it off with the remote you can leave the light for 2 or 3 days to recharge and it should be back to normal

Can you tell me the light spread on the arena lights?

Please download the light array information in the downloads area for this information

Do I need to clean the solar panel on the light?

We would recommend you clean the light once a year in the early part of spring. This should clear off any winter mess and let the solar panel see the skies again. To clean the light a wet microfiber cloth and some washing up liquid will work fine.

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