Fitting Your Solar Panel

When permanent fitting is required it is important to leave a minimum 10mm air gap underneath the panel to allow for heat dissipation. Solar Fitting Kits ensure the correct air gap is achieved. Fitting Kits are simple to use and full instructions are provided.
Temporary / Freestanding suggestions
Prop the Solar panel, tilted toward the sun. To achieve day long power, the panel needs to be positioned south facing. Fabricating a prop from timber, UPVC or aluminium is a relatively simple process and attachment to the frame of the Solar panel is possible by using self tapping screws or bolt fastenings.
Attach the Solar panel to the roof of a caravan, motorhome or boat with self-adhesive Velcro strips (loop nylon side to panel, ‘hook’ side to roof). The Solar panel will receive light throughout the day and benefits from the added security of being out of sight. (USE ONLY WHEN STATIONARY).
As an alternative, used very successfully by the Solar Technology team is to fix rubber bungs (found in all DIY stores) to the underside of the panel frame – a simple anti-slip/scratch solution.
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