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40m x 20m Photo-metric Report

40m x 25m Photo-metric Report

60m x 20m Photo-metric Report

70m x 40m Photo-metric Report

Arena Light FAQ

My light has been working but now it will not come on

This will be because the battery in the light is flat. This could be because of the time of year (winter), or heavy shading, or longer use of the lights. In this case, push the black On/Off button (under Arena Light) to off. Leave it for seven days (make sure the light is not on when it gets dark and, if so, switch it Off again). This will reset the battery and all should be well.

If the problem persists, the solution is to purchase one, or more, Supercharger booster solar panels for Arena2 see - – this boosts solar charging and stops the battery going flat. The final option might be a new battery for Arena2 is needed (usual lifecycle is between 3 and 5 years) and this can be ordered here - 

Why isn't my remote control working?

The first thing to check is the batteries. The remote uses 2 x AAA batteries please test or replace them. If your remote still isn’t working, it could be that the light you are trying to control is the one with the flat battery please try recharging it as above. To check if your remote is working, set the camera on your phone to video and video the LED sender part of the remote while pressing one of the buttons on the remote. You should be able to see the LED flashing on your phones screen

What is the best height to mount the lights?

We recommend around 4 to 5m from the ground

Do I need planning permission for this light system?

You shouldn’t need planning permission for the Arena2 as its considered a portable / temporary light. However, if you are unsure please contact your local planning department with the above photo-metric reports in the downloads area above.

What are the best poles to mount the lights on to?

We recommend a standard scaffolding pole that can be picked up cheaply and will last for years

Can you tell me the light spread of Arena2?

Please refer the photo-metric reports in the downloads area above for this information

Do I need to clean the solar panel on the light?

We would recommend you clean the light once a year in the early part of spring. This should clear off any winter mess and let the solar panel see the skies again. To clean the light a wet microfiber cloth and some washing up liquid will work fine.

Are the lights as bright as mains flood lighting?

The lights are not as bright as mains flood lighting.  For example, if you were using mains flood lighting in a 40 x 20m equestrian arena the lux measured in the centre of the arena would be around 100. Using Arena2 light this reduces to 10 lux. For thousands of Arena light customers all over the world, the light levels are more than satisfactory.  If it is your intention to use Arena2 for technical equestrian work, such as jumping, please refer to the photo-metric reports above to check the light coverage is in line with your requirements. If you would like further help, or need more specific advice, do please contact us directly.

Arena2K is stuck in PIR, movement activation mode and I want it to remain on for longer than 90 seconds

There was an error in the original Arena2 instructions (for the correct version please refer to the revised instructions in the download section above). To ensure the lights are on for longer periods than 90 seconds, switch the light On with the remote control, press either the 1hr, or 2hr, timer buttons and then scroll the brightness arrow up, or down. You can then turn the light off whenever you wish.

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