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About us

Solar Technology International

Established in 2000, Solar Technology International is an award-winning company at the forefront of solar engineering and innovation.

#without boundaries

We serve and support those who recognise the huge benefits and transformative potential to do and achieve more with off-grid solar technology. Our end users - from family campers to remote businesses and communities, to intrepid explorers and thrill-seekers - enjoy our products with complete confidence, wherever they are in the world.

#without boundaries

We partner with pioneering OEMs to help them develop forward-thinking, highly relevant and market-savvy solar technology. Together, we share market insights and identify future application so we can meet consumers' needs accurately, and ahead of the competition.

#without boundaries

We are proven leaders in innovation, on an international scale. Our product development team has been first to market with a range of life-changing concepts and applications - creating brighter futures in remote African communities and powering world record attempts along the way.

Energised by the sun!


Driven by a passion for the sun's renewable energy, we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to extend the usage of 'off grid' solar solutions to power our everyday lives.

Our focus on research and development means we blaze a trail for the versatility of solar lighting and power solutions and we are first to market with many of our products. 

Plus, our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has earned us coveted brand leadership positions in a number of key sectors including the leisure (caravan, motorhome, camping, glamping and marine), farming and equestrian markets.

In particular we are proud of our work with OEMs to help manufacturers incorporate solar power into their technology. Our solar panels are illuminating vital road safety signs on pedestrian crossings, charging batteries for life-saving remote monitoring equipment designed to prevent landslides by the side of railway lines as well as ensuring boarding ramps are charged and ready for airline passengers get on, and off, planes quickly and securely.


The number one choice for manufacturers, dealers and distributors globally

With a heritage stretching more than 20 years, manufacturers rely on us to deliver premium products, right first time. Products with long term reliability, benefiting from industry-leading warranties and technical support they can depend on.

Whether that's power for a leisure battery in a caravan, motorhome or boat, illuminating a road traffic sign, electrifying an agricultural fence or enabling data logging and monitoring equipment to function throughout the year, we have the solution.

Our PV Logic solar panel range offers a massive off the peg selection, but for something more bespoke see PV Logic Custom Solar Solutions.


 Making our mark all over the world!

And our products are to be found making an impact all over the world! We are especially proud of the work of our Special Projects division and how we have transformed lives many thousands of miles from our UK headquarters.

We have designed, built and installed a solar power station in Kenya to deliver a reliable supply of electricity for the first time ever to remote islanders in Lake Victoria. On a smaller scale, but with the same life-changing results, we designed solar-powered egg incubators to help women earn a living selling eggs and chicks to support their families in rural Uganda.

The future looks bright

So, what about the future? We will certainly continue to push the boundaries of solar panel efficiency and more, new uses for solar power. We also see a growing appetite for the storage of energy generated by renewables so we are investing heavily in the latest battery technology to turn this desire into reality. This started with Lifos, our lightweight lithium smart batteries, and will continue at pace over the coming months and years.

#without boundaries