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Custom solar solutions

Your panels, your way

With the benefit of experience and knowledge built up over two decades we have helped dozens of customers incorporate solar energy into powering their products.

Tap in to our solar expertise

We have a long heritage of making solar panels for a wide range of OEM customers including manufacturers of yachts, motorhomes, caravans, car park ticket machines, municipal bollard lighting, belisha beacons, road signage, data logging, telemetry and many other products that require power in remote places or locations that are difficult to access.

Keeping costs low

We have a special production line specifically for low volume, prototypes that allow customers to test their new idea without having to commit to large quantities but still keeping the cost very low.

We can work with your design, or create this on your behalf. With 20 years’ experience in solar PV production, our engineers know what works and what won't, even in challenging conditions like the British winter.

Problem solving

Just tell us the power demand or load of your device, its intended location and any consumption peaks and leave the rest to us.

To discuss how we can work with you to solve your product power needs with solar contact us now on 01684 774000 or email