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Tech Talk

Practical, straightforward guidance on all things solar from our in-house technical experts

Welcome to our knowledge hub!

Every day our technical team answers questions on a range of issues to help customers maximise the performance of their solar systems. Here is where we share some of that knowledge and experience with you. We might also debunk a few urban myths along the way too!

To match, or mismatch?

When creating a solar array to generate more power, many people are uncertain about whether they can connect different panel sizes together. Here our technical experts set out their recommendations and results of their in-house tests.


Lithium versus lead acid batteries. How to choose the best option

When thinking about what type of leisure battery to choose there's a lot of information and opinion to consider. In this article our technical team has crunched the data to summarise the key points and give you guidance to make the right decision for your needs.