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Hubi Go

Portable plug and play solar power station

Hubi Go is the perfect power and lighting solution for camping as well as for off-grid rooms or buildings at home such as garages, sheds and workshops. The mobile hub is ready to use in minutes and comes with powerful Lumi lanterns to flood your room with light. A 12V socket and 5V USB sockets charge a range of equipment and devices such as mobile phones, tablets and fans. The Hubi Go 2K features a 5W solar panel and the more powerful Hub Go 10K comes with a 20W solar panel. For faster solar power generation with your Hubi Go check out our bigger 40W and 60W fold up solar panels!

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Expand your lighting system is easy with link cables

A 20W rigid solar panel charges the larger 10Ah hub. For even more portable power, take a look at the 40W and 60W fold up solar panels in the Hubi Extras shop

Lights on 12V battery pack show charge status

Bright Lumi lanterns flood the room with light

A 12v socket and USB sockets charge equipment and devices

Plug and play in minutes

The Hubi Go kits come with everything you need to be up and running quickly. As well as the solar panel, stand and hub, there are two Lumi lanterns and all the necessary cabling. Photo shows the Hubi Go 10K with a 20w solar panel and two Lumi lanterns.

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Shop Hubi Go Accessories

Click to browse the range of Hubi Accessories including lights, cables, replacement batteries and expansion panels. For the 40W and 60W fold up panels, the ultimate solar power generators for Hubi Go, visit Hubi Extras.
reliable off grid lighting and power wherever you need it

Hubi Go is perfect for:




Sheds & outbuildings


Disaster recovery