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hubi retro

Stylish off-grid lighting

Hubi Retro is specifically designed to provide a warm yet bright light to extend your home environment outdoors. Ideal for summer houses, glamping tents and pods as well as other rooms and buildings without mains power where you want softer lighting. The hub also has a 12V socket and USB ports to charge mobile devices and run equipment such as fans. Plus, there's no fiddly wiring with Hubi Retro, just plug and play.

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Complete Hubi Retro kits - fully plug and play

The lights on the hub show the battery charge status

Vintage filament LED bulbs deliver bright, warm light

Choose the lighting option to suit your room including table lamps, just add your own shade!

Everything you need to get you up and running is in the box

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get Hubi Retro up and running

Choose the Hubi Retro option to suit your lifestlyle

There are four Hubi Retro kits with a range of lighting solutions to suit the size of your camping pod or outdoor room. All kits can be expanded to add more light, more power, more storage and more cable.

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Hubi Retro is the perfect choice for glamping
Giving your summer house the homely touch! Just add your own lampshades to the Hubi Retro kit

Shop Hubi Retro accessories

Click to browse the range of Hubi accessories including lights, cables, replacement batteries and expansion panels.
reliable off grid light and power wherever you need it

Hubi Retro is perfect for:

Glamping tents & pods

Summer houses

Teepees & yurts