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Hubi Work

Easy to fit solar lighting and power kit

Working after dark in a stable, shed, workshop or garage without mains power is no longer a problem with Hubi Work. Bright 300 lumen LED lighting gives excellent illumination and the 5v and 12v connectors can charge a smart phone or power other equipment such as a fan or radio. Available in two sizes, Hubi Work 16 is perfect for a single room of up to 16 square metres and Hubi Work 64 lights up a room of 64 square metres or four 16 square metre rooms.

The battery hub is charged with a premium solar panel

A 12v socket and 2 x 5v USB sockets power equipment and devices

Illuminate your room with LED strips or bulbs

Optional wall bracket allows easy positioning of the hub

Build your Hubi Work to suit your needs with an expansion pack

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up your Hubi Work

Everything you need is in the box!

The kits contains a solar panel and wall bracket plus LED strip (or LED bulbs) and cables. No special wiring or tools are required. This Hubi Work 16 kit is perfect for a small shed, workshop or stable. The larger Hubi 64 kit, which comes with four LED lights of your choice, will light up four small rooms, or one large room.

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Hubi Work in a stable
Hubi Work is ideal for helping you to care for your horse after dark
Tend to your plants day and night with solar-powered lighting

Shop Hubi Work accessories

Click to browse the range of Hubi accessories including lights, cables, replacement batteries and expansion panels.

Boost your Hubi Work

Add extra light and generate more power with our expansion packs for Hubi Work 64.

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reliable off grid light and power wherever you need it

Hubi Work is perfect for:




Sheds & outbuildings

Garden offices

Outdoor kennels