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New Arena2 solar-powered flood light is bright, long lasting and versatile

Building on the popularity of the award-winning Arena Light, Solar Technology International has launched Arena2 with new, brighter light and run time options plus the versatility to illuminate spaces both inside and out.

Perfect for delivering powerful flood lighting to off-grid riding arenas, car parks, construction sites, festivals and outdoor events Arena2 can also be used in buildings without access to mains electricity such as barns, lambing sheds and indoor equestrian centres.

Thanks to its superior cool white LEDs and bigger, inbuilt solar-charged battery pack, Arena2 is 50% brighter than original Arena Light and illuminates a larger area covering 300 square metres. Just six lights are needed for a 40m x 30m space making Arena2 ideal for sports such as tennis, volleyball and 5-aside football.

As well as being activated by remote control Arena2 can also be set to illuminate automatically when movement is detected within eight metres of its PIR sensor This makes it ideal as a security, car park, marine jetty or municipal walkway light

The additional flexibility built in to Arena2 is provided by the optional Supercharger solar panel. On the side of each light is a port so that up to three Supercharger solar panels can be added to deliver longer run times for the lights in the winter and making it possible to use Arena2 indoors. 

Operation times for Arena2 from a fully charged battery are:

  • Motional activated (PIR) mode – 60-120 hours
  • Remote control mode – 500 lumen – 12 hours, 1000 lumen – 8 hours, 1500 lumen – 6 hours
  • Battery charge time by its internal solar cell – 10 hours from flat

Each Arena2 light is supplied with 2 U-bolts for easy fixing to a scaffolding pole, full instructions and a two-year warranty.

“The original Arena Light works very well and is really popular, but we are always looking to see how we can improve our technology,” explains Adrian Williams, Managing Director of Solar Technology International. 

“With the enhancements and extra features added to Arena2, we have created a much more powerful light for the most demanding of pro users as well as adding extra versatility and flexibility through the Supercharger panel option.”

For more information about Arena2 visit click to buy Arena2

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