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Lifos lithium battery range gains NCC verified battery certification

The NCC (National Caravan Council), the body that represents the caravan and motorhome sector, has approved the Lifos 68Ah and 105Ah batteries as verified leisure batteries; the first smart lithium iron phosphate batteries to gain the sought-after endorsement.

After rigorous testing and evaluation, the NCC has approved Lifos 68 and 105 and has issued its Certificate of Battery verification for both

The verification scheme was introduced by the NCC to give consumers confidence they were buying high quality, safe and reliable batteries and Lifos will now display the official NCC approval mark.

A direct swap for lead acid leisure batteries in caravans, motorhomes and campervans, Lifos has a life expectancy that is seven times longer than older technology. As a result, the cost per charging cycle is up to 40% lower than a traditional battery. Plus, Lifos is a quarter of the weight and a third smaller in size than the equivalent lead acid battery.

Using LiFePO4 – lithium iron phosphate - the latest in lithium battery chemistries, Lifos is safe and clean with no risk of gassing so presents no danger of monoxide poisoning.

Lifos 68 (the equivalent to a 120Ah lead acid battery) and 105 (equivalent to a 200Ah lead acid battery) come with built-in Battery Management Systems to protect from deep discharging and speed up charging times.

Monitoring the state of charge in the Lifos battery is also easy with the free to download Apple and Android Bluetooth-enabled app. Once connected to a smart device, the app will also send users a reminder to put Lifos on charge once the battery has been discharged to 30%, further helping to prolonging the battery’s life.

Lifos 105 retails at £999 and the Lifos 68 at £699. Buy Lifos here

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