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Relying on the sun's power for the Polar Challenge

The Polar Challenge team, skippered by legendary explorer Sir David Hempleman-Adams, succeeded in steering their sailing boat, Northabout, on the legendary and extremely hazardous circumnavigation of the North Pole in a single season.

Never achieved before, one of the reasons for attempting the challenge was to highlight the effect global warming is having on the retreat of glaciers. Previously such a journey would not have been possible because of solid ice, metres thick.

Surviving some of the most treacherous oceans in the world, without back up power was a daunting prospect. That's why the Northabout team chose PV Logic flexi solar panels as their primary power source during the 13,500-mile journey. Providing reliable power generation in all weather conditions and surviving a constant battering from the oceans, not to mention being constantly walked on by the crew put these specialist solar panels thought their paces!!
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