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Use the sun to switch on light and power in your off-grid garden room

Enjoy the comforts of home outdoors

Plug and play with solar power

No electricity at the bottom of your garden? No problem. Adding light and power to your summer house, shed, greenhouse, outbuilding, garage or home office is easy. Just add solar energy.

Enjoy your favourite book after dark in the summer house
Get potting in the greenhouse when the sun goes down

Hubi gets you up and running in minutes

With the Hubi range of off-grid power solutions you can generate electricity in any room in your garden. Simple, easy set up and installation means that Hubi is ready for use in next to no time. The plug-and-play kits contain all you need including a solar panel, lighting, fixings and cables. No special wiring or tools are required. There are options to suit every need from simple mains-quality lighting in a shed to the power hungry demands of a home office. Plus, every kit comes with a two year warranty.

Make more hours in the day for your hobbies with light and power in your garage or outbuildings
Work at a time and pace to suit you in your stylish home office

Choose the Hubi to suit your lifestyle

To make sure you have the best lighting and power solution for your needs, we have created four different options.  As well as lighting, the off-grid solar kits can power a range of devices and equipment. Use the 5V usb port for charging mobile phones and tablets and plug 12V fans, radios and TVs into the 12V port. The high-powered Power Station Premium has 12V ports and  a 3 pin mains socket for computers, printers and power tools. There are also three lighting kit options specially-designed to work with the Power Station.

All Hubi kits can be upgraded and extended with additional solar panels, lighting and accessories so they can adapt to your changing demands.



The ultimate Hubi power package

When you want to run bigger, more power hungry devices and equipment, the ultimate Hubi solution for your off-grid space is the Power Station Premium. A high performance solar panel generates hundreds of watts of electricity which is stored in the system's sizable battery. The largest of the three models - the Power Station Premium 750 - delivers energy self-sufficiency on a significant scale for large garden offices and hobby rooms, or off-grid buildings with with multiple rooms.

What Hubi do I need?

Choose the Hubi to fit your requirements
Hubi Retro  Warm lighting for relaxing in a summer house, shepherd's hut or glamping tent.
Hubi Go  A portable energy source for a greenhouse, shed or camping trip. 
Hubi Work Mains quality lighting for a workshop, garage, stable or hobby room.
Hubi Power Station Premium Perfect for powering multiple devices in a home office or outbuilding.