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PV Logic Flexi and Flexi ETFE Solar Panels

Lightweight, low profile and robust

Ideal for flat roofs as well as surfaces with a slight curve, PV Logic Flexi and Flexi ETFE Panels are extremely versatile and long-lasting and perfect for camper vans, boat decks and marine buoys. All our flexi panels come with a two year product warranty.

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Flexi properties ideal for fixing to slightly curved surfaces

Unique barcode for traceability and reliable warranties

Two year warranty

Rounded panel corners prevent snagging

Mechanically fixed junction box for a watertight seal

For resilience and reliability choose Flexi ETFE solar panels

Featuring a double-sided laminated outer layer, the Flexi ETFE solar panels are designed and built for durability. High weather and corrosion resistant, the dimpled surface pattern delivers excellent light transmission to the high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells maximising solar power generation.

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The benefits of choosing PV Logic flexi solar panels

Robust ETFE surface

The ETFE top layer - plus bottom layer in the flexi ETFE panel range - gives the solar panels resilience in really tough conditions.  During production, the ETFE is dimpled to optimise solar generation.

Completely waterproof

Each panel is assembled to ensure complete encapsulation. This ensures the six layer heavy duty laminate protects the solar cell circuit from extreme conditions. The junction box is also injected with special silicon, guaranteeing no water ingress.

 Salt water and UV tested and certified

The PV Logic range of flexi panels has passed the most rigorous testing to ensure long term performance in the harshest of environments. Tested to ASTM B117- ISO 9227 in an independent laboratory, a PV Logic flexi panel has been placed in a sealed tank and saltwater spray jetted at the panel for 1000 hours. This is in addition to accelerated Ultraviolet (UV) weather testing.

Superior design

There are no square edges on a PV Logic flexi panel. Rounded corners and a unique curved junction box provide superior adhesion, no snag lamination and no sharp edges. The junction box is mechanically fixed in addition to being bonded to the panel. Strain relief is provided for the fitted UV stabilised PV cable ensuring it cannot be accidentally pulled from the junction box.

Neat fit with rear exit option

The 125W and 180W solar panels in the PV Logic flexi ETFE range and the 100W, 120W and 150W models in the standard range have the option of a rear cable exit.  This allows a completely flush finish without any top mounted protrusions.

Easy fix
The flexi range can be bonded to flat or slightly curved surfaces (3cm curve per metre) such as painted aluminium, metal, GRP and fibreglass using Henkel MS939, or similar. 



Installation method

Please only use the glue pattern below (this is covered in more detail in the instructions), which ensures air flow under the panel is achieved preventing heat build-up and potential warping under extreme heat.

Cells protected from hotspots

Where the panels are on a camper van or boat, partial shading of a solar panel is typical. In these circumstances heat build-up and damaging hot spots can occur leading to a significantly reduced life cycle of the panel.

The larger 60w to 180W panels have up to two shading diodes housed within the fully waterproof junction box to prevent this. The rear exit options in the PV Logic ETFE flexi range include a separate shading diode to fit between the panel and the charge controller.

Expert support

All PV Logic flexi solar panels are backed up by our expert Technical Team and a resource-filled support section on the website gives access to all the technical information you may need plus instructions and FAQs.

Technical specification

The full specification of our flexi panels is shown in the tables below. Use the scroll function to navigate across the columns and click on the Download Tech Spec button for details on each individual panel and the technical drawings. 

Power Size Weight
Watts per
day (W)
Amp hours
per day (A)
Pmax (WP) Vmp (VDC) Imp (A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
55W ETFE Top Exit 600 x 600 x 4mm 2.6 330 19.32 10A 55 17.1 3.22 20.0 3.78 Download Tech Spec
60W ETFE Top Exit 395 x 880 x 4mm 2.8 360 19.8 10A 60 18.2 3.30 21.3 3.46 Download Tech Spec
125W ETFE Top Exit 665 x 1035 x 4mm 4.6 750 38.7 20A 125 19.4 6.45 22.1 6.77 Download Tech Spec
125W ETFE Rear Exit

665 x  980 x 4mm

5.1 750 38.7 20A 125 19.4 6.45 22.1 6.77 Download Tech Spec
180W ETFE Top Exit

670 x 1520x 4mm

6.8 1080 52.7 20A 180


8.79 24.0 9.22 Download Tech Spec
180W ETFE  Rear Exit 670 x 1480 x 4mm 7.3 1080 352.7 20A 180 20.5 8.79 24.0 9.22 Download Tech Spec
Power Size Weight
Watts per
day (W)
Amp hours
per day (A)
Pmax (WP) Vmp (VDC) Imp (A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
5W 240 x 250 x 4mm 0.36 30 1.68 N/A 5 17.6 0.28 21.9 0.31 Download Tech Spec
10W 380 x 250 x 4mm 0.56 60 3.42 N/A 10 17.6 0.57 21.9 0.61 Download Tech Spec
20W 475 x 345 x 4mm 0.79 120 6.84 10A 20 17.6 1.14 21.9 1.23 Download Tech Spec
60W 1450 x 315 x 4mm 3 360 20.22 10A 60 17.8 3.37 22.1 3.64 Download Tech Spec
80W 806 x 665 x 4mm 3.75 480 27.3 10A 80 17.6 4.55 21.9 4.91 Download Tech Spec
100W 1000 x 665 x 4mm 4.3 600 36.84 10A 100 17.6 6.14 21.9 6.68 Download Tech Spec
100W Rear Exit 980 x 650 x 4mm 4.2 600 34.08 10A 100 17.6 5.68 21.9 6.14 Download Tech Spec
120W 1160 x 665 x 4mm 5.6 720 40.92 10A 120 17.6 6.82 21.9 7.36 Download Tech Spec
150W 1515 x 665 x 4mm 6.7 900 51.12 20A 150 17.6 8.52 21.9 9.2 Download Tech Spec
150W Rear Exit 1475 x 665 x 4mm 6.7 900 51.12 20A 150 17.6 8.52 21.9 9.2 Download Tech Spec

Completely waterproof

Rear exit option for for a completely flush fit (125W and 180W Flexi ETFE and 100W, 120W & 150W Flexi )

Salt water spray and UV light tested

Anti shading diode box supplied with rear exit solar panels

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