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Our. Biggest. Portable solar panel. Ever!

You asked for more power, we delivered. And some! With a mighty 440w of power, our new epic fold up solar panel gives you the freedom to travel off-grid for days at a time.

Power wherever you are. The 440w panel delivers energy independence

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Generate power whatever the weather!

Even in overcast conditions, the 440w fold up solar panel will generate enough energy to keep your leisure battery charged and your systems running.

On a summer’s day with six hours of sunshine, the 440w can generate a whopping 2,640 watts – or 66.72 amp hours - of power. That’s enough to charge the thirstiest of leisure batteries to keep your fridge cool, your lights on and your favourite 12v appliances ready to use.

Just perfect for large motorhomes and caravans at club rallies, festivals and get togethers!

No power compromises 

With the 440w on board there’s no…

• Searching for a site with electrical hook-up
• Compromise on which devices and equipment to turn on
• Ongoing energy costs

Flexible and easy to use
The 440w fold up solar panel is made up of 4 x 110w super-efficient, energy dense monocrystalline solar panels linked together that fold down to a neat package to be carried and stored.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the panel is set up to face the sun and enjoy the best solar generation every time. Built in stands direct the panels to the optimum angle.

Complete with its own zipped carry bag and integral accessory pocket, the panel comes with a 20Ah charge controller and secure Anderson connectors.

Once the charge controller is installed in the vehicle and attached to the leisure battery, switching on the solar energy source is easy – simply connect the Anderson connector from the charge controller to the connector from the panel.

Just one click and you’re good to go!