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Mono high density solar panels

When only the best will do!

Our super-smart Mono High Density solar panels take renewable power output to a whole new level. Highly efficient and energy dense, our range now extends to a massive 290w! Perfect for adventures off-grid.

Bespoke brackets deliver the smartest of finishes for the MHD rigid range

The sleek black finish is super smart

Expect superior performance from a lighter, more compact panel

Barcode for complete traceability

Panels 200w and above supplied with dual cables and MC4 connectors to easily expand your solar system

Dial up the power with the new PV Logic MHD solar panel range

Featuring the ground-breaking passivated emitter and rear cell technology to deliver superior efficiency, the new panels are light and compact and produce greater power output in a smaller footprint. Available in rigid and super lightweight semi-flexible versions, our MHD panels offer options to suit a variety of off-grid power needs.

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Next generation solar panels

The science making the MHD difference
The innovative solar cell technology used in our MHD panels eliminates spacing in the panels by overlapping the small cells and the passive rear solar cell contact replaces the conventional electrical ribbon seen on the surface of most other panels.

As a result, more sunlight is captured by the cells and shading losses and hotspots are reduced. So, the higher energy density creates more power in a smaller space.

MHD Rigid solar panels
Featuring a sturdy, black aluminium frame, our MHD rigid panels are nearly 20% smaller in size and lighter in weight than conventional rigid polycrystalline solar panels.

With an IP67 waterproof rating, the panels come with a 10-year module warranty and there are five sizes to choose from - 100w, 125w, 150w, 155w and 200w.

Bespoke black anodized aero brackets, make installation on the roof of caravan, motorhome and campervan, or deck of a boat, simple and secure.

MHD Flexi solar panels
The ultra lightweight flexi MHD panels have a depth of just 2mm making them the perfect solution for flat, or slightly curved surfaces, where minimising weight is a must!

The hard wearing ETFE top sheet has high impact resistance, and it is salt and sea spray tested for resilience in the harshest weather conditions.

At a massive 290w, the flagship panel in the MHD Flexi range is our biggest ever single panel producing a whopping 1740 watts per day (Watts per day based on six hours of average daily peak sunshine hours).

All panels in the MHD Flexi solar panel range come with an industry-leading 4-year module warranty.

Bend boosting properties
With the greatest amount of bend we have ever offered in a semi-flexible panel, the MHD Flexi panels closely hug a curved surface. Providing the utmost versatility, the panels can be used on a variety of surfaces previously not suited to solar.


Mono High Density solar panels are perfect for:

Motorhomes & campervans

Boats & yachts