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PV Logic Rigid Solar Panels

Premium performance for off-grid living

Whether you are after a consistent trickle feed into your caravan's leisure battery, or you want to spend a week off grid in a motorhome, the PV Logic range of rigid solar panels will give you the energy you need. Plus all panels come with industry-leading 10 year module warranty.

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Unique barcode for complete traceability

Corrosion resistant aluminium produces a long lasting frame

Industry-leading 10 year panel warranty

Precision engineered edge for a neat finish and easy fitting

Premium crystalline solar cells for optimum performance

PV Logic Rigid Panels

Designed and built for strength, longevity and optimum performance in all weather conditions

The benefits of choosing PV Logic rigid solar panels

Available in sizes from 5w to 200w, PV Logic rigid panels are chosen by our customers for their reliability, performance and long life. 

All panels carry a 10 year module warranty.

Our 5w to 45w panels are generally used for battery maintenance and small off grid projects such as electric fences and garden water pumps.

The 60w to 200w panels keep leisure batteries topped up in caravans, motor-homes and boats to power lighting, TVs, fans and other 12v equipment. Plus 240v appliances can be used with an inverter. 

All PV Logic rigid solar panels are backed up by our expert Technical Team and a resource-filled support section on the website gives access to all the technical information you may need plus instructions and FAQs.

The full specification of our rigid panels is shown in the table below.  Use the scroll function to navigate across the columns and click on the Download Tech Spec button for details on each individual panel and the technical drawings.

Power Size Weight
Watts per
day (W)
Amp hours
per day (A)
Vmp (VDC) Imp (A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
5W 250 x 200 x 25mm 0.8 30 1.74 N/A 17.5 0.29 22 0.32 Download Tech Spec
10W 397 x 280 x 25mm 1.3 60 3.48 N/A 17.5 0.58 22 0.64 Download Tech Spec
20W 540 x 278 x 25mm 1.7 120 6.9 10Ah 17.5 1.15 22 1.27 Download Tech Spec
30W 660 x 380 x 25mm 2.7 180 10.3 10Ah 17.5 1.72 22 1.9 Download Tech Spec
45W 634 x 535 x 25mm 3.6 270 15.4 10Ah 17.5 2.58 22 2.86 Download Tech Spec
60W 670 x 640 x 35mm 4.5 360 20.94 10Ah 17.5 3.49 22 3.97 Download Tech Spec
60W (R) 1060 x 350 x 35mm 4.6 360 20.94 10Ah 17.5 3.49 22 3.97 Download Tech Spec
80W 836 x 670 x 35mm 6.7 480 27.9 10Ah 17.5 4.65 22 5 Download Tech Spec
100W 1005 x 670 x 35mm 7.8 600 30.72 10Ah 17.5 5.12 22 5.45 Download Tech Spec
120W 1195 x 670 x 35mm 9.2 720 41.88 10Ah 17.5 6.98 22 7.93 Download Tech Spec
150W 1475 x 670 x 35mm 11.1 900 52.32 10Ah 17.5 8.72 22 9.72 Download Tech Spec
200W 1850 x 670 x 35mm 14.8 1200 60.4 20Ah 17.5 17.5 22 11.45 Download Tech Spec

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Reliable off grid power wherever you need it

Rigid solar panels are perfect for:




Electric gates & fences

Garden pond pumps & fountains