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SolarMate Tibu

The first ever purpose-designed solar powered light for portable toilets

Where no mains power exists, Tibu delivers hygiene and safety after dark to users of portable toilets and showers.

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A 70 lumen light illuminates the cubicle without glare

Powerful 3w solar panel

Slim and neat fitting light

Strong, vandal proof illumination

Theft resistant lock nut ensures Tibu stays securely in place

All the light you need when you want it most!

Tibu floods the cubicle with light to ensure the facilities are safe and hygienic to use. Tibu is perfect for building sites, festivals and outdoor events; anywhere off-grid portable shower and toilet facilities are required.

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The first ever purpose-designed solar powered light for portable toilets and showers

Easy to fit and remove

Quick to fit, Tibu is fixed in place by a patented lock ring to prevent theft and vandalism.  It can be left permanently fitted, or quickly removed if not needed.

Simple to operate

Tibu can be set to illuminate at night time only, or both day and night (useful if being used on a construction site, for example). In both cases the light switches on automatically when the toilet door is opened and turns off once the user has left the toilet. The light switches on automatically as the toilet door opens and floods the cubicle with light and then turns off once the user has left.


Tibu is fitted with a powerful 3w solar light capable of powering the 70 lumen light for 240 activations per 24hr period, each at 90 seconds. There's an option for night only, or day and night operation - useful if the toilet is positioned in a dark location or used during the winter months. 


Robust and water resistant

Once fitted to the roof, the weather resistant light immediately becomes watertight thanks to the pressure fit and weather gaskets supplied.  Sturdy and robust, Tibu can be left permanently fitted during transportation and storage or removed if required.

Long lasting

Tibu is supplied with a two year warranty and its internal battery has a four year life expectancy. 

Improved user experience

Adding a Tibu to each toilet provides a much safer user experience for daytime and evening usage.

Expert support

Tibu is backed up by our expert Technical Team and a resource-filled support section on the website gives access to all the technical information you may need plus instructions and FAQs.

Powerful and reliable solar-powered light

Tibu is perfect for:

Construction sites

Festivals & outdoor events

Disaster response & humanitarian aid