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How can I tell what Hubi unit I have 2K or 10K?

This is very simple. If you look at the rear of the Hubi you will see two ports for a 2k / 2A hubi and three ports for a 10K / 10A Hubi

My Hubi isn’t working

This could be one of a number of reasons. 
Usually it is because the battery has been run flat. If you have the optional mains adaptor into the aux socket, please disconnect the Hubi from the solar panel and charge it with the adaptor. If you don’t have the mains adaptor either purchase one from the web site under Hubi accessories or main sure the Hubi is turned off but connected to the solar panel. Then making sure the solar panel is outside facing the sky for two to three days to allow the panel to get as much charge into the unit before you turn it on again.

The switch seems intermittent when I turn on and off

This is normally caused by dirt or moisture on the switch terminals, please spray some WD40 into the switch from both sides and then move the switch 20 or so times rapidly on/off. This should clean the terminals and remove any moisture.

What port do I connect the mains adaptor to?

Simply remove the solar input cable from the hub before placing the mains adaptor connection into the aux port on the rear of the hub.

My lights seem very loose in the lighting sockets

They have been designed to be a loose fit but should still make a good connection. The reason is to stop damage to both the Hubi and you in the event of someone tripping over the light cable in a tent, for example.

It takes ages to get the first / last segment of the battery indicator showing why?

This is due to how the battery charging works. It can take a while to get the first segment to light but don't worry your Hubi is collecting power. The second and third light will then come on quicker. The final light only comes on once the unit has 95% + charge in the battery.

How many lights can I connect to the Hubi?

  • If using Lumi lights you can connect up to four via the 12v sockets and the optional Y cable. +  two USB Lumis to the usb sockets.
  • If using the 250mm LED strips you can connect to six strips per 12v light output
  • If using the Vintage or other 12v bulbs you can have a maximum wattage of 20w per 12v light output

Can I leave the Hubi outside?

The Hubi itself isn’t waterproof as there are just too many holes for cables so we don’t recommend leaving it out. But the solar panel is fully weatherproof and can be left out all year round.

What is the maximum cable length from the panel to the Hubi?

We don’t recommend having a cable length of  more than 10m from the solar panel to the Hubi as you will start to get power drop-off.

What is the maximum cable length from the Hubi to lights?

Generally, you have 5m to play with but in the case of the 250mm LED strips you can effectively daisy chain them up. To a maximum length of 20m

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