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Lifos 105AH FAQ

What can I power from the 105Ah battery?

Lifos can power a device just the same as a lead acid 12v battery can. The maximum drain of power from the battery is 100A and the maximum charging rate is 80A.

Is there a Bluetooth device inside this battery?

 Yes, the BMS (battery management system) uses Bluetooth and an app to let you see what is going on in the battery.

What is considered to be a “battery cycle”?

A full battery cycle is a 100% charged battery going to 10% charged and back again to 100% charged. This Lifos 105A should let you complete over 2750 of these cycles in its lifetime. If you only use the battery to 50% discharge (1/2 a cycle) then you could possibly get 5000+ cycles in this battery’s lifetime.

How many cycles should I expect to get form this battery?

Depending on the depth of discharge you should see over 2750 + cycles in your battery’s workable life.

Can you prove the battery can achieve the said cycles or is it based on what could be?

Yes, we test our batteries with an accelerated charging cycle this is done 2000+ times (eight cycles a day) and takes over 250 days of cycle testing.

How can I get the app for this battery?

Depending on the phone / tablet you have you will need to visit the Apple app store or the Google play store. Search for Lifos. It’s a free download

What information will the app give me? 

The app will let you see:
Voltage of the battery terminals
SOC (state of charge) of the battery from 0 to 100%
Power in watts either charging or discharging
Power in amps either charging or discharging
Temperature of the battery
Battery run time calculator

What connections are on the Lifos 105Ah battery?

We have a choice of connections on the Lifos 105Ah battery
Quick release compatible terminals
Top connections M8 bolt, spring washer and washer included
Low profile connections M8 bolt spring washer and washer included

How long should it take to charge this battery?

This is very dependent on the charger you are using but to give you some idea a 40A mains charger would charge this battery in around 2.6 hours (40A x 2.6hours = 104Ah)

Can I put this battery into a battery bank?

Yes, you can connect up to four in series, giving you a 24v, 36v or 48v battery bank or four in parallel giving you a 420Ah capacity battery bank. You can even have a mix of parallel and series connections giving you even more choices.

Can I mix Lifos batteries in a battery bank with other sized Lifos units?

No this is not supported.

I have an old Lifos 105A and want to add a new one in a battery bank is this ok?

While you can do this, the newer battery will only work as well as the older battery in the bank. We do not recommend this unless prior approval is gained from one of our technical team.

Can I mix chemistries in a battery bank?

No this is not supported.

Do I need a special charger for this battery?

No, you don’t if you only use around 90% of the capacity it will charge from most standard lead acid battery chargers. If you run this battery flat, then you would need a charger that presents voltage to the terminals even though there is no voltage at the terminals

Will I damage my battery if it drops to zero volts?
It is possible and must be avoided at all costs. Whether or not taking it to 0v will damage the battery is determined by a number of factors including the number of cycles it has been charged to at that point, the last time it was charged, the rate of discharge and the ambient temperature so it's not possible to provide a definitive guide as to what conditions will, or will not, damage the battery. But we recommend you re-charge your battery to full before storage and check its state of charge every 3 months to remove any potential for creating deep discharge conditions.

My battery has been run down to 0v how can I get this working again?

You need a charger that presents voltage to the terminals even though there is no voltage at the terminals. We have a 3A unit available on our web site HERE. Once your battery has 2 or 3 % charge back in it you will be able to use most lead acid chargers

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