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Lifos 12A FAQ

What can I power from the 12A battery?

Lifos can power a device just the same as a lead acid 12v battery can. The maximum drain of power from the battery is 6A and the maximum charging rate is 6A.

Can I get an app like the other Lifos batteries?

No, the 12Ah battery isn’t part of our “Smart” range however it still has a built in BMS (battery management system) looking after the battery. This gives the very best performance form the Lifos 12A battery.

What connections are on the Lifos 12A battery?

There are 2 x 5.7mm spade connections. One for the positive connection and one for the negative connection.

How long should it take to charge this battery?
This is very dependant on the charger you are using but to give you some idea a 3A mains charger would charge this battery in around 4 hours (3A x 4h =12Ah).

Can I put this battery into a battery bank?

Yes, but a limited one. You can connect two in series, giving you a 24v battery bank or two in parallel giving you a 24A capacity battery bank.

Will this battery work on a 24v or higher system?

This battery is limited to a maximum battery bank of 24v (i.e. two connected in series) It will not work at higher voltages.

Can I connect batteries up in parallel and series at the same time?

No this is not supported for this size battery.

Can I mix Lifos batteries in a battery bank with other sized Lifos units?

No this is not supported.

I have an old Lifos 12A and want to add a new one in a battery bank. Is this OK?

While you can do this, the newer battery will only work as well as the older battery in the bank. We do not recommend this unless prior approval is gained from one of our technical team.

Can I mix chemistries in a battery bank?

No this is not supported.

Do I need a special charger for this battery?

No, you don’t as long as you only use around 70% of the capacity it will charge from most standard lead acid battery chargers. If you run this battery flat, then you would need a charger that presents voltage to the terminals even though there is no voltage at the terminals.

My battery has been run down to 0v how can I get this working again?

You need a charger that presents voltage to the terminals even though there is no voltage at the terminals. We have a 3A unit available on our web site HERE. Once your battery has 2 or 3 % charge back in it you will be able to use most lead acid chargers.

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