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Lifos 3A Mains Charger FAQ

What can I power from the 3A charger?

This is designed with a Lifos Battery in mind and will charge the Lifos battery from flat i.e. 100% DOD (depth of discharge) when the battery terminals are showing 0v DC
It will charge a Lifos to 100% charged at a 3A charging rate
It will also work as a slow charger for lead acid batteries (please note it is not a smart charger)

What is the LED telling me on the charger?

If red, it is indicating a charge is being passed onto the battery.
If green, it is indicating a fully charged battery.
If it is not “on” it is indicating it is not plugged into the mains and the mains turned on
It is in an error state - please turn off / on at the mains

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