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Support for 10A & 20A Controllers

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Important guidance when connecting a charge controller to two batteries (dual battery functionality) in a caravan, motorhome or boat

10A / 20A Charge Controller FAQ 

How do I know if my controller is working?

You have a single LED on the controller. This will light Green is the circuit is producing power and connected the correct way. If this light is RED then it could be one of the below reasons

No solar input from the panel (check connections)

Panel is not connected (check connections)

No sun outside (wait for the sun to come up)

Very low sun light levels (wait for a brighter day)

Battery is not connected (check connections)

Battery is below 11v DC (remove battery and recharge with a recommended charger)

Can I connect to my phone?

You can’t Bluetooth into this controller.

I have a battery bank with two batteries. Do I need to connect them up to battery '1' and battery '2'?

No, the two battery outputs form the controller are for separate circuits. For example, your leisure battery circuit and your engine battery circuit

Can I charge a 24v battery from solar with this controller?

Yes this is possible, but you will need to give the controller a feed from the solar panels above 40v (i.e. a 24v solar panel or 2 x 12v solar panels connected in series) the controller will then automatically adjust the voltage to suit a 12v or 24v battery depending on what you have connected to it

What is the maximum amount of solar I can connect?

Most charge controllers are rated in amps. So, depending on the controller's amp rating you can work it from this. For example, if you connect up one 10A solar panel on a 10A controller you are at its maximum rate. However, you could connect two 4A panels (8A in total) and still have another 2A to play with.

I have specific settings for my battery can I programme the controller?


How much ventilation do I need around this controller?

Your controller will get warm to the touch when its working. Please make sure you have around 150 mm of space all around the unit and have plenty of ventilation on the position you have installed it

Can I charge my leisure battery and engine battery from this controller?

Yes, please connect your leisure battery to the battery '1' terminals and your engine battery to battery '2' terminals. Don’t forget to also install a fuse between each battery and the controller 

Can I prioritise my engine battery?

Yes, you need to connect it to the battery '1' terminals

Do I need to install a fuse from the solar panel?

No. However please make sure you install fuses between the controller and any battery.

Can I install more than one controller to a battery?

Yes, but the efficiency might drop from the solar panels

My charge controller is attached to two batteries making use of the dual battery functionality but I’m having issues in charging both batteries. How can I rectify this?

When installing a charge controller in a caravan, motorhome or boat it is vital to ensure you avoid a common negative when connecting to the batteries. If this problem occurs, the controller cannot distinguish between the two separate battery voltage signals and will charge them incorrectly and, in some circumstances, can result in one battery draining completely. This is rectified by ensuring each battery circuit is completely independent of the other. Download these instructions to separate the negatives using a manual changeover switch or an adjustable voltage sensing relay.

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