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How much flex can I put onto the panel?

We recommend no more than three degrees or 3cm curve over 1m.

Are there any handling recommendations for PV Logic Flexi panels?

Be careful when handling these panels prior to fitting particularly the 60w, 120w and 150w (because of their length). Once fitted these solar panels are extremely tough, but they are vulnerable to damage during installation. The panel must not be allowed to droop or curve beyond the tolerance of  three degrees (or 3cm bend over 1m) because damage will be caused to the cell circuit, thus making a future failure inevitable. Please ensure help is available to lift PV Logic into position during the installation phase.

Is there a recommended way to glue a PV Logic Flexi panel to a surface?

Please only use the glue pattern below (this is covered in more detail in the instructions), which ensures air flow under the panel is achieved preventing heat build-up and potential warping under extreme heat.

How do I know if my panel is working?

To do this you will need to have access to a multi meter that can measure DC voltages up to 100V or higher and DC Amps up to 10A. Then with the wires from the panel (not connected to anything else) simply test the voltage coming from the solar panel and then test the current i.e. amps coming from the panel. Both tests are basically short circuiting the panel. Download the Solar System Help Sheet above for more information.

Are my panels weatherproof?

Yes, all solar technology PV Logic panels are designed to be left outside all year-round, rain or shine. However, they are not designed to work underwater i.e. submerged.

How do I connect cable to my panel?

All PV logic flexi panels come with pre-installed cable. This can not be removed but can be extended if required.

I have a rear exit panel and it comes with a diode box, do I need it?

Yes, this is to help with shading problems. Most top exit flexi panels or rigid panels have one, or more, diodes built into the connection box. The rear exit flexi panels do not have enough room in the connection box, so we needed to move them onto the power out cable. Simply install them as per your instructions included with your panel.

What is the difference between mono and poly-crystalline?

The main difference between the two technologies is the type of silicon solar cell they use: mono-crystalline solar panels have solar cells made from a single crystal of silicon, while poly-crystalline solar panels have solar cells made from many silicon fragments melted together. This used to make a noticeable power difference but with improvements in technology over the last few years, now makes very little difference in performance.

I have heard you can walk on the flexi panels is this true?

Yes this is true, but only if you have attached the panel to a solid surface with no voids, or holes, under the panel.

How long should my panel last?

All PV logic flexi panels are designed for longevity. All our flexi panels come with a two year product warranty. 


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