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 8w fold up solar battery maintainer instructions

40w, 60w, 90s and 120w fold up solar panel instructions

Fold up panels FAQ

Can I extend the main cable coming from the panel to my caravan?

We don’t make an extension cable, but you can cut the main cable and extend it if you require. Please make sure you get the polarity correct.

What connection should I use on the end of my cable?

Choose the connection from the pack that fits your needs:
The crocodile clips for direct connection to the battery
The male car accessory connection if your vehicle / caravan has a car plug that is connected directly to the battery. Please note sometimes this plug is “turned off” when you’re not in the vehicle, or after 10 mins of leaving the vehicle.

(40w, 60w, 90w and 120w only)
The car accessory socket is ideal if you have a portable battery bank that uses the male car accessory plug to charge it.

Please be aware that you should only use a single connection at a time on the output cable. If using more than one you WILL reverse the polarity of the power coming from the panel and either blow the charge controller on the panel, or damage your battery. 

How do I know if it’s working? (40w, 60w, 90w and 120w only)

If you look at the LEDs on the in-line charge controller you will see lights indicating the sun hitting the panel.

I am using the male car accessory but it is not charging my battery

Please make sure the socket you are using is live as some vehicles shut power off after a few mins of leaving the vehicle. If it is live, then it could be the fuse that’s fitted into the male plug. This simply screws off but watch out for the small spring popping out as you remove it.

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