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I have just got this light and installed it but its not working?

9 times out of 10 its because you haven’t connected up the battery in the main light before installing. Pop the light down and remove the battery cover to allow you to connect the internal battery. Another common reason is you haven’t set the light to Auto on the small switch under the light

What's the best height for this light to be installed?

We recommend anything from 2m to 5m. once above 5m you might find the PIR sensor stops detecting movement

What's the best place for the solar panel?

we recommend facing the solar panel south towards the sky and sun for the longest part of the day. making sure its not shaded by trees and buildings.

What's the best angle for the PIR sensor?

We recommend have the sensor so that people etc must move across its beams i.e. people moving directly towards the light may not always set of the sensor however people moving across will always set of the light

What's the best settings for the dials on the bottom of the sensor?

You have two settings one for the time the lights on and one for sensitivity.

  • For the sensitivity I would always set it in the middle and adjust it down to the min you can get away with. This will stop false activation's.
  • For Time we recommend setting this at the lowest setting for the UK as during the winter you will get the best performance from the light and the best amount of activation's.

How long should the battery last and can it be replaced?

The supplied battery should last 2 to 4 years depend on activation's and how many times its been totally flattened. The battery can't be replaced.

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