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Guy's off-grid adventures with Lifos Go

There's no better way to describe the benefits of Lifos Go than in a customer's own words! Here Guy Marshall explains how he's been travelling in his campervan with Lifos since 2019. The batteries sit comfortably under the passenger’s seat of his VW Transporter and they take the space of the one lead acid leisure battery they replaced.

Guy explained: “We go away a lot in our campervan and I never need electric hook up. I can go for four or five days before needing to charge the batteries with the solar panel and even then they never go below 50%. I use them to power our kettle, fridge, laptop and charge our phones.

He added: “We were in the Alps a year ago when it was cold and we had a heater going plus the fridge and kettle making hot drinks. The solar panel topped the batteries up from time to time but the battery levels didn’t ever drop by that much.”

Guy also appreciates the expert support he’s received from the Lifos technical team. “The only problem I’ve had with the batteries was when I couldn’t get the Lifos App to connect via Bluetooth and as a bit of a geek – I love to watch the battery charge and discharge levels on my phone – I wanted to get it fixed. I followed the advice and I was up and running again in no time. It’s great to know that knowledgeable and friendly advice is always there if I need it.”

Guy is now on a mission to persuade his friends to follow his example and make the switch.
He added: “The batteries have been absolutely faultless and I’ve been trying to convince my friend to switch from his lead acid battery in his Mercedes van. The last time we travelled together he was worried he’d need electric hook up and I was fine so I know he’ll do it eventually!”

More information about Lifos Go 72Ah here and visit the Lifos Go store to buy.

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