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Lifos Go 72

A new generation in leisure batteries

Lightweight, powerful and long lasting, Lifos Go 72 is the perfect campervan leisure battery to deliver maximum power in a compact package. Its space saving design fits perfectly under the driver's seat of a VW T5 and T6 and the Bluetooth app provides real-time information about the battery's performance.

Super long life cycle

Lifos Go 72 can achieve a huge 2750 cycles at 90% depth of discharge (DOD) and that jumps to an even more impressive 3500 cycles at 75% DOD – that’s nearly 10 years of trouble free operation!

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Excellent energy efficiency

With 64.8Ah of usable power, Lifos Go 72 has the equivalent energy of a 130Ah lead acid battery (with a typical 50% DOD). Yet Lifos is a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight!

Brilliant Bluetooth app

Fitted with a Bluetooth app to monitor vital information including current, voltage and state of charge in real-time, the smart operating system will also send a warning well before the battery gets to a low state of charge giving plenty of time to recharge.

Plus the battery's BMS can be turned off when not in use to prevent self-discharge.  

Link up Lifos for more power

Create your own power bank by connecting up to four Lifos Go 72 batteries together in either series, or parallel. Each battery's internal BMS ensures all the lithium cells are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance.

Making the switch to Lifos!

Van owner Guy Marshall has been enjoying off-grid adventures in his VW Transporter with his two Lifos Go batteries since 2019. The batteries sit comfortably under the passenger’s seat and they take the space of the one lead acid leisure battery they replaced. “We go away a lot in our campervan and I never need electric hook up,” explained Guy. “I can go for four or five days before needing to charge the batteries with the solar panel and even then they never go below 50%. I use them to power our kettle, fridge, laptop and charge our phones."


Assured performance with R10 certification

Lifos Go 72 is one of the first smart lithium iron phosphate batteries to hold ECE regulation R10 certification. The rigorous testing required to pass the standard ensures there is no interference with other electrical equipment in the vehicle.

Guarenteed for a long life

Reliable and durable, Lifos Go 72 comes with a five-year warranty.

Connect to the app

Use the Lifos app on your smartphone to monitor the Lifos Go 72Ah battery - instantly see the current, voltage, power and state of charge.

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Lifos Go 72 is perfect for:


Boats & yachts

Motorhomes & campervans