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Hubi shines a light on Redcote Leisure’s fast growing micro camper business

A Redcote micro camper owner has the best of both worlds. A compact vehicle with a back seat to use as a family car or van every day of the week plus the versatility to convert into a camper with a full-size bed for weekends and holidays.

Redcote Leisure based in Wimborne, Dorset and founded in 2015 by Jason Gledhill is pioneering the conversion of car-based vans -such as Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Renault Kangoo – to full-kitted micro campers. As well as a 6-foot 2-inch bed, there is built in storage and equipment provide everything needed for a night away.

Every van is fitted with a Hubi, Solar Technology International’s off-grid power station, to supply lighting as well as charging mobile phones and powering other 12v devices. The 2K Hubi and 5w solar panel with two Lumi lanterns is fitted as standard in each micro camper with the option to upgrade to a 10k hub and 20w solar panel if more power is needed.

A fully charged Hubi 10K can charge a mobile phone up to 15 times, keep the Lumi lights on for nine days and a 12v TV going for seven hours. The kits are also supplied with a Hubi mains charger so that the hub can be fully charged ready for a quick getaway.

Jason has worked in the leisure industry for all his life. Although initially starting a career as an engineer, he continued to work part time in a camping shop where he climbed his way up from retail assistant to manager.

He then moved to a full-time post as Sales and Parts Manager with a caravan business specialising in pop ups caravans, he went on to become the General Manager for four years.
Whilst he got to know traditional motorhomes inside out, his path started to take a different turn when he took a micro camper in as a part exchange.

“A family of four was keen to buy the vehicle,” explains Jason. “But I couldn’t sell it them because it had no back seat for the young girls to sit. That was my challenge; to convert the vans into micro campers whilst retaining the back seat so that it could continue to be used as a family car.”

Immediately seeing the opportunities in the market, Jason set about using a third party’s conversions, but he quickly discovered he would be better off making his own to his own specifications. Just before the Covid lockdown in March 2020, he set up his own workshop and the business has grown from there.

Redcote Leisure now offers the option of three different layouts whilst retaining the five seats so the camper can be used as a car or a van. The conversions clamp into the back of the van and for additional sleeping capacity, customers can add an awning.

Sales now run at around 300 vehicles a year and there are five branches of Redcote Leisure with four operating as franchises in Broadway, Calne, Aylesbury and Clitheroe.

Jason added: “The business has grown through word of mouth and on social media via Facebook and Instagram. We’ve got customers are all ages. They are people who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors and travel but need flexibility from their vehicle.

“The Hubi is a great piece of kit to provide off-grid lighting and power so that our customers have the ultimate flexibility in where their adventures take them. ”

For more information visit the Redcote Leisure website , call 01202 893710 or email

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