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Rianne enjoys training after dark thanks to the sun

For talented rider Rianne Fulton, Arena Light's off-grid solar power has transformed her event preparation with year-round night-time training.

For talented rider Rianne Fulton, Arena Light’s off-grid solar power has transformed her event preparation with year-round night-time training.

Working full time, Rianne can only ride during the evenings in the Autumn and Winter months and so training was a challenge. Plus, with a new arena to ride in near her home in West Wales she was keen to make the most of her time in the saddle.

Getting mains power out to the school for lighting would have been too expensive so Rianne was delighted to discover the SolarMate Arena Light

As a 1000 lumen brightness flood lighting system, Arena Light is self-powered using its highly efficient solar cell and internal lithium battery pack.

Rianne said: “The light you get off them is brilliant. I can do flat work and I can do jumping.” She explained: “The lights are really important to me because I work full time so I can only use my school in the evening and in the winter there would be no way I’d be able to use the school if I didn’t have lights.

“They are really easy to use. They have a remote control so I just come up here and pop them on and crack on.”

Each Arena Light covers an area of 200 square metres so for her 60m x 20m arena, Rianne needed eight lights which she fixed to scaffolding poles.

“They were really easy to install,” added Rianne. “I just got a scaffolding pole for each of them and the lights just come as a separate unit and are installed on the top. There’s no additional expense you haven’t got to pay for electricity supply. Once you’ve bought them that’s it.

Find out more about Rianne and how she makes the most of her Arena Lights here with this video.

Arena Light has now been enhanced and upgraded to 1500 lumens. Buy Arena2 here

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