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Attention to detail is Johnny Cotton's signature when creating luxury campervans

Vans55’s Johnny Cotton has been in business creating luxury camper vans for 23 years. With a meticulous attention to detail, Johnny focuses on transforming Volkswagen T5 and T6 vans into sumptuous tourers. When it comes to adding in solar power, Johnny’s choice is Solar Technology International’s Mono High Density (MHD) panels. These sleek, all black panels feature high efficiency monocrystalline cells and pack more power into a smaller, lighter size compared to standard aluminium-framed rigid solar panels.

To fit the panels on a pop top roof, Johnny creates his own brackets and uses a Scanstrut gland to ensure a neat, smart finish for the cabling to the van’s charge controller and leisure battery.

“More and more people are wanting solar power these days to give them the opportunity to travel further off-grid and to be free of the need for electrical hook up,” explains Johnny. “I want the panels I choose to both perform and look good on the pop top roof and the MHD panels do that job perfectly.”

Inside the vans, Johnny’s attention to detail is instantly visible in the cabinets which he designs and builds with modern joinery techniques using wood veneers and real wood detailing as well as high pressure laminates.

Full conversions can take up to seven weeks and each one is a labour of love.

“Everything has to be perfect,” adds Johnny. “All cabling has to be out of sight and even though it is hidden it has to be really neat. No compromises!”

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