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PV Logic Fold Up Solar Panels

Quick and easy solar power on the move

Each option in the PV Logic range of fold up solar panels is a self-contained portable solar system. In sizes 8w to 440w there is a solar solution for all requirements from a trickle charger battery maintainer through to a super-sized option to help you stay off-grid for days on end.

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New to the fold up range is our new super powered 440w panel

Integrated stands to set up your panel on the go - 40w to 440w

Pocket contains the charge controller and cables for easy storage

Kits 40w to 440w come complete with charge controller and connectors

8w battery maintainer supplied battery connections and rubber suction cups

Choose the size to suit your needs

The entry level in our fold up solar panel range is an 8w solar battery maintainer designed to trickle charge a battery and prevent it from going flat.

The next sizes up are the self-contained and lightweight fold up solar panel in 40w, 60w, 90w, 120w and 200w options. Each size folds up into its own carry case and they come complete with inline charge controller plus connections to attach straight to the battery or 12v auto plug. Ideal for charging a leisure battery in a campervan, caravan, motorhome or on board a boat. The 40W and 60W solar panels are the perfect companions for our Hubi Go 10K off-grid lighting and power kit and the 60W panel comes as standard in the Hubi Go Extreme kit. 

The newest addition to our range is the mighty 440w fold up panel specifically designed for motorhome and caravan owners who demand heavy use from their leisure battery or, plan to spend time off-grid away from electrical hook up.

The kit comes with cable and connectors as well as a 20Ah charge controller which is installed in the van and connected to the battery. The panel can then be positioned in the best place for maximum solar generation and connected quickly and easily using the cable and the Anderson connectors supplied.

Go big with the 440w fold up solar panel

All the renewable, solar power you need to travel off-grid for days at a time. Perfect for sites without electrical hook up, club rallies and festivals

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Your ideal travelling companion for power on the move. Just grab and go!

Each of the sizes in our fold up solar panel range is supplied as a self-contained power kit. Park in the shade for comfort whilst your solar panel gets to work in the sun!

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Power up with the 8w battery maintainer

The 8 watt fold up solar panel is the most efficient way to keep a car, truck, boat, campervan, motorbike or caravan battery charged. Folding into a tiny 230 x 198 x 15mm package makes it easy to store.

Cable and connections are supplied with the panel to attach directly to the battery terminals via an in car 12v socket or crocodile clips. The 8w fold up solar panel comes with a two year warranty.

Download the technical specification for the 8w fold up solar panel.

The self contained pack has a handy pocket for cable storage

All cables for quick set up included

Use the suction cups to secure to the windscreen

Folds down to a small, neat size for easy storage

Never experience a flat battery again!

The 8W battery maintainer is a fold up solar panel specially designed to trickle feed a battery with energy generated by daylight.

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Portable off-grid power on the move

Fold up panels are perfect for:

Caravans, motorhomes & campervans


Cars, trucks & motorbikes