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Innovative lighting solutions for mains-free spaces


Where no grid power exists, the SolarMate product range provides mains equivalent lighting for interior and exterior spaces. These easy-to-fit lights are designed with the latest solar technology to to give exceptional performance all year round.

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Arena 2K is the perfect solution to to deliver solar-powered flood lighting for off-grid riding arenas, car parks, farmyards and constructions sites.

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Secure Professional

Secure Professional is the ultimate PIR movement activated security light. Designed for busy locations such as public passageways, driveways, yards or anywhere high power flood lighting is needed.

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A solar powered light designed for portable toilets and showers. Ideal for building sites, festivals, outdoor events and camps set up for emergency humanitarian situations.

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SolLay Hen House Solar Lighting System

Timed solar powered illumination for hen houses to give longer hours of light during the winter with the aim of increasing egg yield.

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SolarHub 16 and 64

Previously part of our SolarMate range, SolarHub is now called Hubi Work. Click on the link below to discover how the Hubi range of solar power stations can give you light and power in a variety of off-grid locations.

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