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New super smart solar panels pack a powerful punch

New Mono High Density (MHD) solar panels from Solar Technology International deliver optimum power in a smaller, lighter package.

Part of the popular PV Logic range, the slick, smoke black MHD panels incorporate the latest solar cell technology so that the conventional silver electrical ribbon seen on the surface of most solar panels is replaced with a passive rear solar cell contact. This innovation means the new panels are 20% smaller and lower in weight than a conventional solar panel of the same power output and shading losses and hotspots are reduced.

Bespoke, low profile aero brackets ensure the depth of the panels and fixings is just 40mm so they hug the surface of a boat deck or cabin, or the roof of a motorhome, campervan or caravan. The close fit means that wind drag and noise is minimised.

The MHD panels are available in two power output sizes; 120w (delivering up to 780wh per day) and 155w (delivering up to 1007wh per day). In line with all the PV Logic rigid panel range, they come with a 20 year cell output and 10 year panel build warranties.

“We are constantly looking at how new technology can improve the performance of solar as an energy source and we are very excited about the potential of the new Mono High Density range,” explains Adrian Williams, Managing Director of Solar Technology International.

“We’ve listened to our customers and end users about the size and weight of panels so that we can maximise the power output in the limited roof or deck space available. By designing an aero bracket specifically for the panels we’ve created a super smart package that not only performs exceptionally well they look really good too.”

The MHD panels are available in kit form with a PWM charge controller (to protect a battery from reverse feeding and overcharging), cable, terminals and fuse and instructions and a complete roof top or deck top kit with the bespoke aero brackets, PWM charge controller, cable feed gland, cable bundle, bonding agent, fuses, ring terminals and instructions With both kits there is the option to upgrade to the MPPT Pro Charge Controller. The panels are also available on their own in bulk packs of two.

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