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Premium solar panels

PV Logic

The heritage behind the PV Logic brand is our vast experience in the design and manufacture of the most efficient and robust solar panels. A focus on testing, quality control and traceability ensures our solar panels offer the very best long-term investment and come with industry leading warranties.

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PV Logic Mono High Density Rigid and Flexi Solar Panels

Taking advantage of the latest solar cell technology, the PV Logic MHD Panels are nearly 20% smaller and lower in weight than a conventional solar panel of the same power output. These super smart panels come with a 10 year module warranty.

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PV Logic Fold Up Solar Panels

The PV Logic range of fold up panels is the perfect portable system and is quick and easy to use. Each panel has its own integrated stand, charge controller and battery connectors, plus a weatherproof bag.

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PV Logic Rigid Solar Panels

With a wide range of sizes from 5W to 200W, our rigid solar panels are the perfect fit for caravans, motorhomes and horseboxes, as well as remote power systems. The premium crystalline technology is designed to withstand the harshest of environments and weather conditions and all panels carry a 10-year module warranty.

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PV Logic Flexi Solar Panels

The PV Logic Flexi solar panel is the ultimate choice for flat, or slightly curved surfaces where a strong, low profile and lightweight panel is needed. This semi-flexible panel is ideal for buoys, boat decks and campervans. The easy fix panels carry a 2-year module warranty.

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PV Logic Accessories

Complementing our range of solar panels is an array of accessories including stands, brackets, fixings, lights, cables and batteries plus inverters and timers.

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PV Logic Custom Solar Panels

We design and manufacture solar panels for customers who need our help to generate off-grid power in remote locations. Bespoke solutions have included traffic signs, illuminated marine buoys and electric fences. Let us show you how versatile solar power can be!

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Enjoy a powerful performance in all environments

Why choose PV Logic?

Quality control

Our semi-automated ISO9001 compliant production line reduces manual handling to a minimum which results in consistently high quality output. 


Every panel is 100% electrically and mechanically tested in accordance with TUV Rhineland and IEC 61215 standards and our test equipment is calibrated regularly to ensure consistent compliance with these standards. All our panels are also electro lumininescence tested to ensure there are no life shortening micro cracks in the cell circuit.

Reliable warranty

All crystalline panels are guaranteed to withstand the effects of salt water spray, frost, hail stones, ammonia, dust and sand in the globe's harshest environments from -40 to +80C. 


Each panel has a unique barcode which contains the DNA of the panel from the electrical test data taken during production to the components used in the construction.  This gives each panel total provenance enabling us to conduct on going batch testing of panels in the field to ensure long term compliance with our warranties.

Lightweight and efficient

We use only A grade cells to ensure the delivery of maximum power in all spectra of light but with the smallest overall dimension. This results in a more compact, robust and lighter solar panel.  Increased spacing between the cells and frame edge also results in improvement of yields by up to 2.5%

Working with the best

Many of the world's biggest companies relay on us to design and produce custom made, own branded solar panels to suit a wide range of applications from satellites to car park ticket machines.  We have a low volume production unit specially dedicated to bespoke customer projects.  Exceptional quality, speedy prototyping and production and low costs are assured.

Expert back up

All PV Logic solar panels are backed up by our expert Technical Team and a resource-filled support section on the website gives access to all the technical information you may need plus instructions and FAQs.